Making it Harder to Hate in Tacoma

Disconnect White Power

Make it hard to hate in Tacoma.

Hate has no place here.

Attention: Nazis. Hammerskins. Proud Boys. Patriot Front.

From Point Defiance to the 512 interchange and beyond: We reject your destructive ideology of hate. You want to be visible. We're here to make you visible and open our neighbors' eyes to what you want to teach their children.

Disconnect White Power is engaging in direct action to inform the public about cells of white hate community as they develop and as we expose them.

As we build this site out:

Watch for billboards near business owned by known hate group members.

Learn the symbols appropriated and used by these hate movements so you can spot them in your neighborhood (Link to Anti-Defamation League).

Anonymously Report public displays of hate speech or planned fascist demonstrations for research and resistance.

Read local news, contributor blogs, and updates on direct action.

Find resources to help identify and report illegal activity to law enforcement.

Southern Poverty Law Center Hatewatch Blog 

Contributor Blog

There is no way to peace along the way to safety. For peace must be dared. It is the great venture.
— Dietrich Bonhoeffer on resistance